Ideas and Examples

For example, if you are a "twenty-something" why not start by getting a new group of like-minded people together to go an a Ski holiday or even holiday to Ibiza? You could potentially negotiate a volume discount if you had enough interest and wish to share the discount with the group, using this as an additional incentive in your proposal. You may even negotiate your own holiday for free or make a modest profit for your organisational work.  Its up to you how you make your proposal attractive to others. However the main aim could simply be to link with new people of a similar age group and enjoy yourself in a holiday setting.

You may wish to organise activities for profit or purely pleasure.  Being honest in your proposal will attract more reliable interest, higher quality feedback for your Experience proposals and therefore repeat requests for your proposals. Why not promote a regular activity and build up the numbers over time. You never know, even the world famous Glastonbury and "Burning Man" festivals started from very humble beginnings!

You may have recently moved to a new area and left your old life behind or experienced a life changing event and wish to establish new social interactions with others.  Why not organise some free common interest activities with a view to securing a new circle of people and pastimes.  Alternatively, explore the existing Activity proposals, possibly with like-minded people in your area, by trying our Search & Explore facility.

On a more personal level there is an opportunity to find a partner. Although ExperienceTrader is not specifically a “Dating” service, it arguably provides the capability to meet, select and connect with people on a “stated Activity” led basis rather than a “stated interests and personal” basis. There is a saying “Its not what you say but what you do that defines you” which implies that you can make more informed and reliable choices about people in real situations than by what they say about themselves in abstract. ExperienceTrader allows an alternative approach to meeting people that could be considered a more reliable way of making one of the most important decisions in life – selecting a partner. An example could be as direct as placing a "Dine with Wine" for two evening out proposal and see what interest you attract. Alternatively, thoughtfully creating, or even joining other peoples Activities, in groups that are less overtly one to one, could be an effective way of connecting with people during a relaxed common interest activity. However, whatever option is chosen, ExperienceTrader provides a control panel with growing functionality that allows the parties to do a degree of mutual assessment and fine detail arrangement prior to any meeting agreement. Feel free to suggest more control panel functionality that helps you and ExperienceTrader will try to build it in over time.

Whether its simply joining with others for a regular country walk or fulfilling wild dreams of Adventure -  ExperienceTrader is about helping you make it a reality.